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One of the major bill concerns for a lot of people is their cell phone bill. It is a cost that can easily be minimized, and yet people don’t take the time and measures to do so. If you are serious about wanting to cut down on the amount you spend on your monthly mobile plan, then read on for 6 practical tips for saving money on your phone bill.

1. Make Free Calls

Instead of using your phone network for making all your calls, you could opt for free calls whenever possible. These include utilizing Internet apps like Textfree, Skype Mobile, Viber, and others. These mobile apps enable you to make free calls to anyone who has the app on their phone. Using these apps to make calls could save you many minutes per month on your cell phone plan.

2. Buy the Right Mobile Plan for You

When choosing a plan for yourself, make sure you buy the most appropriate one as per the minutes and texts you use. For instance, if you don’t use many minutes or mostly use your phone on the weekend or in the evening, then you must go for a plan that offers minutes during that particular time. And, if you seldom use your Smartphone, then you should select a pay-as-you-go plan.

3. Keep Track of Your Talk Time

If you don’t have any clue about how many minutes you utilize in a month, it’s time you keep track of your talk time. You can do this easily by using services of sites like overmyminutes.com, which will inform you via a text message or e-mail when you are close to exhausting your minutes.

4. Cut Down the Surplus Features

If your phone has any extra chargeable features, which you do not use often, it’s better to trim them. For instance, get rid of text messaging or web-surfing attributes if you don’t use them much. You should just keep the features that you use daily.

5. Use a Similar Plan as Your Family and Friends

A lot of mobile phone service providers let you select a small cluster of free in-network family and friends, or offer free in-network calls. So, if your mobile network provider offers such an option, you should certainly put all the people you call most of the time on just one plan. This way you can save big on your monthly cell phone bill.

6. Review Your Bill

Just like your minutes, you should also review your phone bill so that you can make sure that you are not overcharged or paying for features you don’t even use, such as cell phone insurance or roadside assistance plans.

These are only some of the tricks that you can use to hopefully save money on your cell phone bill. By implementing some of these hacks you might worry less about your bill. Plus, you might be able to use the money you save for a larger purchase in the future.

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