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What would you do with a couple extra hundred dollars each month? Perhaps you’d throw it at your utility bill, tuck it away in a high-yield savings account, or use it to chip away at a pressing mountain of debt. Either way, that would be pretty sweet, right? Believe it or not, bringing in a few extra hundred dollars each month may not be as out of reach as you thought.

Here are some helpful tips on how you can make more money to bring in some additional income:

1) Review Websites

Business owners often turn to companies such as User Testing and Analysia to help them make sure that their websites are as user-friendly as possible. User experience testers get paid to navigate the website, sharing their impressions while carrying out certain tasks. These individuals get paid roughly $10 per test.

But one word of warning: sometimes these user-testing companies require that you complete a survey to see if you are the ideal user that the company wants navigating their site (for example, if they want to target a certain gender or income bracket, they only want user testers of that demographic). Therefore, you might find yourself filling out a few surveys before actually getting to test a website.

2) Complete Online Surveys

Another way to make more money is to get paid to complete surveys. These take an average of 15 minutes to complete and can earn you roughly $3-$10 per survey. Some of the popular survey companies include American Consumer Opinion, Survey Junkie, Pinecone Research, and Vindale Research. Keep in mind that filling out surveys is not going to bring in the big bucks, but it does work as a great way for you to earn some extra cash while sitting in front of your TV at night.

3) Get Cash Back From Shopping

What if you could earn money without having to take much time out of your regular schedule? Sounds pretty sweet, right? Companies such as Ebates and Ibotta allow you to earn cash rewards for shopping at many of the standard retailers. For example, I just recently earned $50 cash back through Ebates because I booked a hotel using their savings. This is a fantastic way to make money doing what you already do.

4) Deliver Food, Packages, and People

Another simple way to earn some additional income is by delivering food and packages, as well as giving people a ride. Uber pays drivers to deliver takeout to customers or transport customers to local destinations. Amazon Flex pays individuals to deliver packages.

These jobs allow you to work around your schedule and daily routine. For example, if you have an hour to kill on your lunch break, you could use that time giving customers rides around town. You might also find you are driving in that direction anyway, so why not get paid to do it, right?

5) Complete Online Freelance Work

Do you have a keen eye to spot spelling errors? Or perhaps a charming voice for company videos? Websites such as Upwork and Remote.co allow businesses to hire freelancers to complete various tasks remotely.

Think of your background and the specific strengths that you bring to the table, then head on over to a freelance service website and search for job listings related to that skill. Some freelance jobs include virtual assistant, data entry specialist, website designers, graphic designers, writers, and more.

6) Become a Child or Pet Sitter

If you have a knack for kids or a love of pets, you could sign up to be a child or pet sitter. Care.com is a website that allows you to post your babysitting services. Once you’ve completed their screening process, you can begin accepting childcare opportunities.

Apps such as Rover and Wag are the pet equivalent. From these apps, you can accept opportunities to watch other people’s pets or take dogs for walks.

7) Rent Out Your Car, House, or Room

Do you have a car, house, or room that you aren’t using? You can rent those out and earn some extra cash. For example, Turo allows you to rent out your car. You indicate how much you want to charge per mile and what days the car is available and can then begin accepting requests.

You could also use a website such as Airbnb to rent out an unused room in your house. Or, maybe you are away from your home while on vacation: you could rent out your house during that time and earn some extra money with very little effort on your part.


Many of us have small pockets of time in our day that are filled with fluff--scrolling Facebook, zoning out in front of the TV, etc. Why not use that time to our advantage and make some extra money? These side hustle ideas perfect ways for you to earn some extra cash to get you a little closer to your financial goals.


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