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A car insurance is a legal requirement. However, it is not the only reason why people spend thousands of dollars every year on it. Accidents can be costly and cause unnecessary pain, thus the need to ensure one has some layer of protection when it comes to finances.

Is Renters Insurance Essential-Pros and Cons

Renters Insurance is a special type of insurance that provides coverage for any loss or damage caused to possessions, in a rented apartment. Landlord’s property insurance only provides coverage for damages caused to the actual structure and not tenant’s property.

What Renters Insurance Cover

Renters Insurance is designed to provide coverage against possible bad events such as fire, smoke or water damage. In addition, it provides coverage against injuries that a visitor might incur while visiting a house of an insured tenant. Renters insurance also provides coverage in case a rented home becomes uninhabitable because of damages caused by things like storm or apartment fire. The amount of compensation depends on the type of loss one incurs as well as coverage in place. For example, there are policies that provide actual cash value as others cater for buy replacement costs coverage. Jewelry items at times come with a value limit or require one to take additional insurance coverage.

Renters Insurance Advantages

Liability Coverage

Renters Insurance relieves tenant’s personal liability in the event a guest, gets injured while on the premise. It is common for the insurance to cater for medical expenses incurred because of injuries sustained while at the property.

Replacement Coverage

Renters Insurance tends to be expensive at times as they cater for costs of buying new items in case of a vandalism or theft. The insured person is most of the time paid sufficient amount of money to replace new items at today’s prices.

Unlivable Property Coverage

Should a property become unlivable because of a fire, or vandalism, the insurance company, depending on coverage, may have to pay a comparably priced place for the tenant to live in for up to 12 months.


Some insurance companies offer discounts on renters insurance for people above 55 years and the retired. This is because they are at home most of the time and represent reduced risks.

Dog Bites

Some renters insurers prove coverage if your dog bites someone while in the property or off property. Disadvantages of Renters Insurance Coverage


Renters Insurance can be expensive thus reducing the amount of disposable income that one might have for saving. It is thus important to first consider the price of replacing household goods before taking cover.

Flooding and Earthquakes

It is extremely difficult to find a Renters Insurance that provides coverage against flooding and earthquakes. If one lives in the high-risk area, it may be important to take an additional policy.

High-Value Item Deficiency

Terms of a renters insurance might not cover a very valuable item thus forcing one to pay extra to take out a separate policy.

Is Renters Home Insurance Essential

Renters home Insurance is designed to provide valuable financial help in the event of a personal property damage or liability to a third party. It is essential if you are renting a home and want to be sure that your valuable possession is always protected from unforeseen events such as fire theft or damage. While Renter's insurance is not mandatory by law, some landlords require it as part of a rental agreement in a lease.


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